Marketplace UI

Your marketplace user interface (UI), also known as the "front end", is what your users see and interact with. They use the UI to sign up to your platform as well as to post, find, buy, and pay for listings. Whether a web-based UI, a mobile application, or both, the user interface is the face of your solution. That's why you have total control over it.

With a Appolo plug & play, you can get started with your marketplace UI straight away: just download the latest Appolo Template version and start customizing it for your marketplace. There are no limits to how much you can customize the template. You can freely design the user interactions and alter the look and feel of your marketplace.

If you prefer to start from scratch, you can build your own UI on top of Appolo dynamic API yourself.

The Marketplace API

The Marketplace API is how your UI connects to the Appolo services. It's an HTTP interface with a design influenced by the JSON API specification . The Marketplace API allows you to implement all the standard marketplace functionality that Appolo supports.

Appolo handles running and scaling your Marketplace API with serverless cloud architecture. To take full advantage of this, you should design your Marketplace UI to point a majority of the traffic directly to Appolo Dynamic

To learn more about the capabilities of Appolo Dynamic API visit the API reference documentation.

The Marketplace DB

A primary database provides interfaces to provide optimal performance, Apollo uses a synchronization mechanism against a secondary database to give you direct access and analyze the data using real-time analytical tools.


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